Trends of Ubuntu 14.04 vs CentOS 7 in 2015

Ubuntu (Debian based) and CentOS (Red Hat based) are both equally competent operating systems in both desktops and servers. The perception of Ubuntu is more skewed towards ordinary desktop users whereas CentOS has been more of a server breed focusing on stability over the latest features.

CentOS 7
Ubuntu 14.04

However, the trend of shifting to Ubuntu 14.04 as a server operating has been picking up, due to its popularity in both hardware compatibility and features add-on and the speed of which it implements new features into it’s core.

In accordance to trends, the prediction will be that Ubuntu will be gaining more grounds as it makes its way into more hardware appliances (e.g. phone, cloud infrastructure etc.).

Is it time to drop CentOS?
Maybe. A lot of legacy systems are still running their applications on top of it. For now, if you are into resilient and “extremely” stable systems, stick with CentOS but if you are looking for future compatibility with future applications and appliances and you don’t want like to wait, try out Ubuntu, which is more stable than before now.

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